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If you what to have a  dinner party for your friends and family, why not have this happen in your lovely backyard instead of gathering at a restaurant? Interesting performances, delicious food, and good service must make you all excited.

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The Best Hibachi Party

We are a Catering company providing full-service hibachi catering for New York, New York City. We cater for all occasions including private events, business meetings, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, galas, fundraisers, recognition of special achievements, birthdays, showers, backyard catering receptions, banquets, and photo shoots. Whether small or large, DD Hibachi Catering will make your next event memorable.

How it Works

We bring our own hibachi grill, skilled and entertaining chef, quality food, and sake (Japanese rice wine) to your own backyard. All you need to do is set up tables and chairs, and provide plates, utensils, and beverages for your party.


Our master provides 1 hour and 30 minutes performance of hibachi cooking. 

If the party time is on Monday ~  Thursday, you need to book at least one day in advance. If it is on Friday, Saturday, or a holiday, you need to book at least one week in advance. 

50% deposit in advance, the rest can be paid before the party starts.



(Including Soup & Salad & Main Course)

Side Dim Sum order:


Soup Dumpling (6pcs)

Pan Fried Buns(4pcs)

Fried Dumpling(6pcs)


Main Course Choice:

Hibachi steak

Hibachi chicken

Hibachi shrimp

Hibachi salmon

Or Any Random Combination:

Hibachi Steak/Chicken

Hibachi Steak/Shrimp

Hibachi Steak/Salmon

Hibachi Chicken/Shrimp

Hibachi Chicken/Salmon

Hibachi Shrimp/Salmon

Hibachi Filet Mignon +$5
Hibachi Lobster +$5


Menu Gallery

The Best selections

Hibachi Chicken

Multiple vegetables are served with tender chicken thighs and white rice, such as carrots, onions, squash, etc.

Habachi Shrimp

Multiple vegetables are served with fresh shrimp and rice, such as carrots, onions, squash, etc.


Hibachi steak

Multiple vegetables are served with the best beef and rice, such as carrots, onions, squash, etc.

Hibachi Salmon

Fresh salmon with black pepper


Hibachi at backyard

Hibachi at business events

Hibachi at weddings

Hibachi in our restaurant

Drinks & Snacks

Hibachi at private parties

Hibachi at backyard

Hibachi at small family parties

Hibachi in our restaurant

An Ideal Private Event Venue

Events & Functions

DD hibachi is the perfect place for your next event or function. Celebrate at one of New York most awarded restaurants. Whether it’s a cocktail party, intimate wedding, corporate event, sit down lunch or dinner we can accommodate all your function needs.

We also provide Hibachi cooking performance in our restaurant or in your backyard or other outdoor places. 

Our customers are always impressed by the fresh authentic and fusion Hibachi performance we provide. At DD Hibachi Catering, we only select our food from top providers in the area. This ensures quality, freshness, and an unmatched flavor in our industry. Our well-trained team will provide high-class service to everyone at your function. Our master Chef and team have been making delicious Hibachi since 2015. He learned the craft in Japan and continued working in New York before beginning DD Hibachi Catering.

At DD Hibachi Catering we turn Hibachi catering into a work of art. We take special care to serve our high quality hibachi on impressive way that no one will forget! All of our customers are blown away by the elaborate and creative entertaining we use to showcase our catering event. These are truly unique shows that you will not find anywhere else. This brings a unique eating experience to your private event or business function. 


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If you want to provide a delicious and memorable eating experience at your next event you should contact us today to reserve your favorite display. We will take your reservation and discuss menu options that will sure to please everyone.

Also, we are providing catering & hibachi service to New York, New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Our main restaurant is located in Manhattan, New York.


Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday 11:00am - 11:30pm
Loction I

Address: 321 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036 Tel: (212)757-1820

Location II

Address: 690 9th Ave, New York, NY 10036 Tel: (646)478-8661

Location III

Address: 111 Jericho turnpike, Jericho, NY 11753 Tel: (516)333-5588